Vegetable fermentation at Biodiversus

Vegetable fermentation at Biodiversus

Welcome to Biodiversus!

Do you want to learn how to make delicious and nutritious lacto-fermented vegetables, getting to know the process and biological principles and a range of techniques? Do you get your vegetables from Biodiversus or are you considering doing so? Then this workshop is for you! I will introduce some fermentation traditions from around the world and the potential health benefits you can get from eating fermented foods. There will be a range of fermented treats for you to taste.

This is a practical workshop so everyone will be making some ferments to take home. We will be using lovely organic vegetables from Biodiversus of course.

This workshop is especially for customers of Biodiversus and those interested in becoming customers the idea being to give an opportunity to get to know the farm better.  Open to all levels from total beginners to experienced fermenters wanting a refresher. Please bring a chopping board, knife, bowl and grater as well as a light lunch with you. Jars, fermented vegetables and vegetables for fermenting will be provided.

The workshop fee is 50€ per person.
Sign up to book – you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure your place. This workshop will be held in English.

Why ferment your vegetables? Having a healthy gut flora (your own colony of microbes who help you digest) is associated with multiple health benefits. These include: protection against diabetes and certain cancers, better immune response, reduced anxiety and less inflammation. The process of fermentation make the nutrients in the vegetables easier for your body to take up (some new nutrients are even created) while the good bacteria help you digest the other food on your plate better to and increase your own gut flora.
Fermented vegetables are fun to make, can add both sparkle and depth to your meal and come with a whole line of health benefits that we are only beginning to understand (although we have been fermenting for thousands of years).


10 juni
10:00 till 14:00


Lugar da Granja
4990-233 Arcozelo


Brigid Lefevre

For over a decade Brigid Lefevre has been sharing her passion for fermentation with students in schools, colleges, and private groups. Her journey has been deeply rooted in a love for small-scale organic agriculture, and she dedicated years to nurturing a vegetable garden and operating a fermentation CSA in beautiful Sweden.

For the last three years, she has had the role of leading a groundbreaking EU-funded project. The aim of the project was to not only promote but actively foster an increase in the production and consumption of fermented vegetables on a national level.

A new chapter has begun and she has recently moved to a small holding in rural northern Portugal!

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