Find useful things for your fermenting

Ceramic crocks, mandoline, kraut stomp from kö


Svensk Ekomarknad för syrningskrukor, hyvel och glassburkar

Humlegårdens Ekolager fermentation buckets and airlocks.

Bagaren och Kocken kitchen equipment and jars.

Restaurang Grossisten for bigger kitchen machines

Biredskaps Fabriken or other beekeeping store for jars and lids

Nordic Pack for jars and packaging


Carbon steel knives from Vietnam – very sharp and not pricy. www.kolstå


Here are some of my favourite books on fermentation. At the bottom, you’ll find a list of books that I haven’t personally worked with but are highly recommended.

Wild Fermentation av Sandor Katz

Great inspiration from all over the world, covering all kinds of fermentation, health, and cultural perspectives.

Accessible and easy to use book

Many academic / scientific references

Kimchi by Byung-Hi & Byung Soon Lim

A great introduction to kimchi in all its colors and forms, with simple recipes and beautiful pictures. I usually skip the sugar and fish sauce and replace gochugaru with homegrown chili. The book also includes fantastic recipes for dishes that incorporate kimchi. The linked book is the English version ‘Kimchi’.

Preserving food without canning or freezing. Chelsea Green Publishing.

Very useful and interesting recipes for filling your larder – collected recipes from many smallholdings in France.

The Art of Fermentation av Sandor Katz

The ultimate reference book for everything about fermentation, with in-depth information. Not many recipes and few pictures, but it’s the book I’ve used the most to understand and teach lacto-fermentation and other types of fermentation.

Mjölksyre jäsning av grönsaker av Annelies Schöneck or Making Sauerkraut and Pickled vegetables at home

The book is concise and filled with fun recipes, beautiful illustrations, and valuable information about equipment, health, and the biological process. Moreover, it is the first book about lacto-fermentation written in Swedish and has inspired many since the 1980s. The English version appears to be quite different but also interesting and available as an ebook from google books.

Förädlingsodling: mjölksyrning för småskalig grönsaksodlare av Brigid Lefevre

A compendium of information and recipes was created for the workshop days during the project. It is available for free download but is only in Swedish.

The Cultured Club av Dearbhla Reynolds
Stora boken om fermentering av Jenny Neikell
Stora boken om fermentering av Jenny Neikell
Det Nordiska Skafferiet av Johan Björkman
Wildcraft fermentation, Pascal Baudar
The Noma Guide to Fermentation (Foundations of Flavours) av Rene Redzepi och David Zilber


A Review of Fermented Foods with Beneficial Effects on Brain and Cognitive Function. Binna Kim, Veronica Minsu Hong et al

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) Consensus Statement on Fermented Foods. Maria L. Marco, Mary Ellen Sanders et al



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