Fermented sorrel

One of the most delicate and unique ferments I’ve made, as close to a divine taste as I’ve come in the world of fermentation. Not to exaggerate… but seriously, this is something special.

Harvest a large bundle of sorrel – sheep sorrel, garden sorrel both work equally well, other sorrels would probably work too. Place the leaves whole in a spacious bowl and cover with a 6% salt solution (60g salt per liter of water), weigh them down with a plate to ensure the leaves are fully submerged. The next day, when the leaves have softened a bit, rinse them off and pack them into a glass jar (the salting process makes this easier), cover with a 2% salt solution (20g salt per liter of water), add a teaspoon of brine from something lacto-fermented, and put on the lid. Leave at room temperature for two days, then move to a cool place. It will be ready for consumption after 4 days. The unopened jar can be kept in the refrigerator for many months. The taste is very unique and can be used on anything from carpaccio to strawberries and crème fraîche.

Garden sorrel

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