Green tomatoes with sage and chili

Green tomatoes are good to ferment as they maintain a good texture and are often abundant towards the end of the season.


10kg green tomatoes
1 – 2 heads of garlic
2 onions
whole fresh chili peppers (to taste). I used a yellow chili – hot lemon because I had a lot of it and it looks nice.
a little bunch of sage
a little bunch of rosemary (skip if it’s not a favourite)
Saltlösning with 5% salt (50 g of salt per liter of water)

Here’s how to make it:

Chop the tomatoes into large pieces or slices, slice the onions, peel the garlic but leave the cloves whole. Keep the chili peppers and herbs whole as well. Mix all the ingredients in a container.
Place a weight or plate on top and completely cover with the salt brine. Put on the lid and, if available, use an airlock. Let it sit at room temperature for 7-10 days, then move it to a cool place. Allow it to sit cool for 4 weeks before transferring to smaller jars and consuming. It will keep for a long time.

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