Fermenting leafy greens: recipe by Boban from Gerlesborg

Here is a fermentation with leafy greens, following the principle “use what you have/harvest”. This time it’s kale, parsley, celery, kohlrabi, garlic, coriander, yellow onion, dill, chili, ginger, black pepper, and salt (1.5%). All vegetables and spices are chopped to desired size and mixed with salt in a bowl. Then everything is placed in a jar and pressed together, and the jar is filled with water. Make sure none of the contents stick out above the water level, as mold can form. A lid or appropriately sized plate can be used to keep the contents submerged in the jar. Let it sit out for a few days until fermentation starts, then store the jar in a cool place. After 2 weeks, the fermentation is complete. Fermentations with leafy greens tend to not have a long shelf life, they can become slimy, so consume them within 2 months.

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