Fermented beetroots have a deep and earthy flavor. When you ferment beetroots alone, they can sometimes become slightly slimy due to their high sugar content, which attracts yeast. This, combined with the activity of lactic acid bacteria, results in a texture resembling buttermilk. However, you can easily avoid this by incorporating other, less sweet vegetables such as daikon, turnip, or cabbage. Adding some onion and ginger is a good way to elevate the taste from its earthy depths.

Fermented beetroot with cabbage and ginger

8kg beetroot
2kg white or red cabbage
300g onion – red or yellow
100g garlic
100g (or more) fresh ginger
200g salt (c. 1,6% of the total weight)
Optional: chili or a sour apple

If you enjoy a slightly bitter taste, you can also incorporate some radicchio with great results.

Here’s how to make it:

Peel and grate the beetroots, finely slice or grate the cabbage and onions, grate the ginger, peel the garlic but leave the cloves whole.
Layer the ingredients – after each layer of approximately 15cm (depending on the container), sprinkle salt and use a kraut stomp to work the mixture. If you’re using a smaller quantity, you can mix the salt with the vegetables in a bowl and massage it with your hands to release the juices. Fill your chosen fermenting vessel and weigh it all down with a plate or weights, then cover it and, if available, use an airlock. Let it sit at room temperature for 2 weeks, then move it to a cool place and wait for at least another 2 weeks before consuming. If you’re fermenting in a jar, leave 2cm of headspace at the top as beetroots tend to produce strong fermentation gases!

A good way to use very big beets
Beetroot can be at room temperature for two weeks during fermentation
Colourful jarring

Do you have a favorit way to ferment beets? Please share in the comments!

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